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WM Railway Connected to West Virginia and Pennsylvania

Western Maryland Railway provided passenger and freight services along tracks between Baltimore MD, Webster Springs, WV, and Connellsville, PA. Major stops included Penmar, Camp Ritchie, Hagerstown, Williamsport, Cumberland, and Elkins. Passenger service ended in 1959, and the Western Maryland Railway was fully merged into the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1983. Most of the partsContinue reading “WM Railway Connected to West Virginia and Pennsylvania”

Hagerstown Founder Son Fought in First Engagement after Declaration of Independence

Jonathan Hager, the founder of Hagerstown, was involved in much more than just the founding of the town. On July 19, 1776, his son signed up for the Continental Army under Captain Henry Hardman’s Company. On August 27,1776, Jonathan Hager’s Son took part in the Battle of Long Island, N.Y., the first engagement after theContinue reading “Hagerstown Founder Son Fought in First Engagement after Declaration of Independence”

Horse Racing in Hagerstown

Between 1929 and 1970, Hagerstown featured horse racing at the present-day Fairgrounds Park. The open-air facility could seat 4,800 people, as well as 900 additional people in the clubhouse and dining room. The grandstand is still present at Fairgrounds Park today, but instead of the thunder of horse hooves, the grandstand is witness to kidsContinue reading “Horse Racing in Hagerstown”

A Look at The Hager House

Built in 1739, and currently owned by the City of Hagerstown, it is believed that the Hager House was not Jonathan Hager’s first home in what he originally called “Elizabethtown” What makes the Hager House unique is how Jonathan Hager built the house over a spring. This would allow him to take refuge inside ofContinue reading “A Look at The Hager House”

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