Sunday, May 2, 2021

And So We Begin!

Today, the History Hub Hunters decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and venture out for a practice run. Before we film our very first full-length episode, we wanted to scope some locations, go over some research, and test our equipment. We chose Devil's Backbone, and the creek did not disappoint! With Ken Buckler manning the magnet, we made our way past the park area to the banks. After trying a few spots and having a bit of luck, Ken hit a hotspot. We recovered a handful of nails that appeared to be handmade and very old. Ken guessed colonial era, and after a bit of research, we learned that the exact spot he'd thrown the magnet had been used as a crossing for British military forces during the Revolutionary War. After we clean them up a bit, we will be able to get a better look, but it was exciting to find things straight away! I explored the bank a bit and found oodles of fishing notions, which tickled me pink. We have the opportunity to discover some lost history in our area, and clean up hooks, line, broken glass and other hazardous litter as we go. I'm sure everyone is excited for our first full length episode, we are too! We thought you might enjoy a peek at what our practice shoot yielded, and the whole team is looking forward to recovering things time has hidden, and sharing our finds with all of you! Stay tuned, because this week, we will introduce you to the team members and give viewers the chance to suggest future locations! 


Episode 1: Smoketown and Wagners Crossroads